EIKBOOM Marine Interior

A storm resistant partner with superior performance

For the past 60 years, EIKBOOM-Marine Interior (located in Rostock/Northern
Germany), is realizing customized interior decoration for new ship construction and Refit projects.
Our business expertise ranges from river cruise liners, to cruise liners and offshore units.
Our performance portfolio meets the needs of our maritime clientele as shipyards, ship owner and turnkey contractors. Thereby we can offer a turn-key package with a craftsmanship signature. Our services expand from the start of the sampling process, to the fabrication process, and the final on site assembly.

Our company´s core values such as flexibility, high quality work and reliability ensure the best results regarding to functionality, esthetics and project coordination.
An entirely decorative interior with certified floorings and fabrics for passenger, crew and public areas is the focus of our business. Individual designed decorations and also the serial cabin interior decoration are getting manufactured in our in-house sewing and upholstery workshops.

On land, as the “WohnRaum-Manufaktur – EIKBOOM”, we are performing parallel luxury interior projects for the hotel, health and private sector.

Our performance portfolio at a glance

Project Assistance:

  • Professional consulting for interior designer and maritime clients
  • Sampling of fabrics and materials in our showroom
  • Processing of individual technical solutions
  • »Mock-up« installation

Window Decor:

  • Customizing, delivery and assembly out of »one hand«
  • Curtains and drape with rail systems
  • Individual sun protection systems of each window shape

Flooring work:

  • Grounding, delivery and flooring of certified floor coverings
  • Carpets, vinyl flooring, needle-felts, parquet-floorings and many more
  • Outdoor -on deck- flooring

Upholstery and Furniture:

  • Manufacturing of individual serial seating solutions
  • Bed headboards
  • Delivery of seating furniture and seating solutions from various external manufacturers
  • Upholstery of »on deck« seating solutions with certified outdoor fabrics

Textile Decorations:

  • Pillows, comforters, bed skirtings, bunk curtains, canopies, wall papers/covers, shower curtains
  • Acoustic and noise reducing decorations
  • Stage curtains
  • »On deck« decorations

According to the needs of our clients we supply and assembly »just-in-time« or construction progress orientated - nationwide and overseas.

References since 2000:

  • Neptun Shipyard
  • (Meyer Papenburg)
  • Flooring work Viking River
  • Cruiseliners

  • MV-Werften Interior Decoration Crystal River
  • Cruise Liners
  • 2016
  • G+H Marine/ Hanse
  • Ladenbau
  • Upholstery work Hurtigruten/
  • Nordnorge

  • Neptun Shipyard
  • (Meyer Papenburg)
  • Flooring work and
  • Interior Decoration
  • Viking River
  • Cruiseliners
  • 2009-2011
  • Neptun Shipyard Flooring work and
  • Interior Decoration
  • A-ROSA River
  • Cruiseliner

  • Neptun Shipyard Flooring work and
  • Interior Decoration
  • Premicon AG
  • River Cruiseliner

  • Aker MTW Upholstery & Interior
  • Decoration, composite
  • art work
  • AIDA aura/ AIDA
  • vita

  • Nordic Yards Interior Decoration Stena Don

Fotos: MV-Werften


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